Meet Steelman

Founder+ President

Steelman Ketchum is the founder and president of Water Worx Pros, a pressure washing and soft washing company in Columbia, SC. He got the idea to open this business when he tried to have his home soft washed. The company was booked over a month out and when the work was finally done, it was subpar.

He began to research, practice and learn the craft and soon fell in love with it. He feels blessed to have the opportunity to interact with such wonderful customers on a daily basis and provide them with a quality service at a fair price.

When he’s not working, he enjoy spending time with his three rescue dogs, Monty, Milly and Joe.

He serves on the board of The Animal Mission of Columbia and has a passion for helping dogs in need.

Before opening Water Worx, Steelman was a Firefighter/EMT in Saluda County, South Carolina.